Herbalife Protein Bake Mix

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Our limited edition Protein Bake Mix is a perfect ingredient to help create simple and nutritious baked snacks.

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With a neutral flavour, Protein Bake Mix is versatile and can be used in either sweet or savoury recipes. Made with a blend of high-quality ingredients including whey protein for a light and fluffy texture, this ready-to-mix product is the smart choice for adding great nutrition to your favourite recipes. Protein Bake Mix is also high in protein, contains key minerals and fibre.

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  • High in protein​
  • Source of fibre​
  • A nutritious way to enjoy sweet and savoury treats
  • Contains minerals​
  • Gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegetarians​
  • Versatile, quick and easy to prepare​
  • No added sugar, no colours, flavours or sweeteners


To create a nutritious pancake, preheat a non-stick pan on low heat. Mix 24 g (2 scoops) of Protein Bake Mix with 30 ml (2 tbsp of semi- skimmed milk (1.5% fat) or 30 ml (2 tbsp) of water).

Once combined, pour the batter into the centre of the pan and spread the pancake out to your desired thickness.

Cook on a low heat for 2-3 minutes until the bottom is golden, then flip the pancake and repeat this step on the second side.

1 review for Herbalife Protein Bake Mix

  1. Hayley Oconnor (Verified purchase)

    Delicious taste and i really enjoy baking cookies with this mix. great product

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